solo exhibition, screenprinting — 2022
  photos by Simon Avsec

This solo exhibition that was shown at Hiša kulture v Pivki consisted of medium-format screenprints and papier-maché objects, all mounted and exhibited in one gallery room with intention for the viewer to individually find his way among the works. Furthermore, to add a playful aspect with all works presented in a small room, to possibly – while immersing in the works, "colliding" with an object.

From foreword by curator Mojca Grmek:
The compositions that arise have a surprisingly poetic effect; their charm lies in the fact that, in contrast to their simple minimalist form, they create a complexity of meaning /.../ The artist follows similar principles in creating objects /.../ her starting point is the basic geometric shape or body, which she combines into a whole by creating a tension between round and angular shapes, emptiness and volume.
The reciprocal relationship between the prints and objects is also emphasised by the artist's juxtaposition in the gallery space, where she places the prints on plinths normally used for presenting objects and attaches the objects to the wall, as is customary for prints. In this way, the meaning derived from individual works, the relationships to each other and the overall layout of the gallery space is further dispersed, while at the same time playing with established concepts of artistic (re)presentation.